House rules

in the hostels of the asylum seekers

As a result of the close situation, certain duties, which have been regulated in these house rules, result for each inhabitant of this house. For good living together, not only the regulations in these house rules, but naturally also friendly dealings with one another, mutual acceptance, considerateness for one another and cooperation are indispensable.

1. All the rooms and areas of the accommodation are only to be used in accordance with their purpose and to be treated properly. The keys which have been provided may not be reproduced or handed on to third parties.

Constructional changes may not be made, which also applies to the installation of electrical and sanitary lines and systems and also to fixed moving of carpets, wall and ceiling coverings.

High-handed repairs and manipulations and reconstructions have been strictly forbidden for safety reasons.


Putting washing machines, electrical ovens, microwaves, barbecues and similar into the residential rooms is not permitted.

Operation of other kinds of electrical devices and accessories (television, radio, multiple plugs, extension wires etc.) is only permitted if the devices fulfil the VDE standard and bear the CE mark.


2. All windows and doors, corridors, staircases, accesses to the building etc. are to be kept free so that they can be used immediately at any time by rescue services, fire brigade and police.


3. The inventory provided is to be treated carefully. As a matter of principle, no furniture may be removed from the rooms or the jointly used areas without the permission of the responsible employee.


4. Drying laundry is only allowed in the areas specifically provided for this. Under no circumstances may laundry or other articles (e.g. carpets) by placed on radiators to dry.


5. Cleaning the rooms and the jointly used rooms is a matter for the inhabitants. In particular, attention is also to be paid to regular ventilation of all the rooms.
Waste may only be put into the refuse containers which have been provided.
Disposing of waste or other objects via the toilets has been forbidden.


6. Smoking has been forbidden in the jointly used rooms. Smoking can be permitted in the individual rooms if all the inhabitants of the room agree to this and matching safety precautions are taken.

Trading with, storing and consuming drugs is strictly forbidden in all the rooms.


7. Keeping animals of any kind has been forbidden.


8. In the time from 10.00 p.m. to 6.00 a.m. and from 1.00 p.m. to 3.00 p.m. , any kind of noise annoyance inside or outside the house is forbidden out of consideration for the inhabitants and neighbours.

9. Visitors are only allowed to be in the house in the time from 8.00 a.m. until 10.00 p.m. . The responsible employees in the administration decide on possible exceptions in exceptional cases with specific reasons.

10. The instructions from the responsible employees in the administration are to be obeyed without delay. They exercise the householder’s rights and are also in particular entitled to issue house bans.

In cases of a breach, furnishings and/or electrical devices which have not been positioned or connected properly, for example, may be disposed of immediately. The costs of this are to be borne by the causer.

In addition, each inhabitant is liable for all damage culpably caused to the constriction elements of the house and to the furnishings by him/her.

In cases of deliberate damage, criminal charges will be brought without delay.

If you have any questions, requests and suggestions about these house rules, please get in touch with the janitor in this house. He will help you or get in touch with the responsible employees in the administration.